Life is testing me

At least once per day, my step-son enrages me via some snide comment, or by blatantly ignoring me, or by giving me his masterful teen eye-roll, or me needing to remind him of something for the 1366732353656884252335-billionth time, or influencing my toddler to take up a bad attitude, interrupting, etc.

Yesterday, he left the dinner table a mess at his spot, a glass of milk half-empty, and the milk jug out. I pointed this out, and he said “So?” UMEXCUSEME?!!!???? And today, he kept banging the floor. After I asked him to stop, and then same snap-response. “So what?” YOUDONOTSPEAKTOMETHATWAY.

Many deep breaths were taken. Typically, this (yes, these tiny, insignificant instances) would hurtle me into a pit of anger for the rest of the day. Yes, he’s being a snotty rude teen, and that’s annoying for any rational person, but my strong emotional, deeply negative reaction is not healthy. I expressed to my husband that I am working on controlling my anger, but I can only handle so much, and would you please go talk to him to reiterate that it’s not ok to talk to people (ME!) that way. Step-son actually apologized, on his own. I had to control my anger to respond, but I did thank him for apologizing – something I would not have done before.

Life is testing me, as life is supposed to do. Stresses aren’t going to go away. People doing upsetting things is never going to go away, but I can try not to let being angry be like poo in the punch bowl.



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