It was my son’s third birthday a few days ago. Nobody sent him anything, or called (except for one out of five aunts/uncles). I’m heartbroken and angry. My husband’s parents – my son’s grandparents – didn’t call. This makes me feel so neglected and let down. Nobody likes being neglected, naturally, but it’s one of my triggers.

It was a challenge to focus on my son and his well-being rather than the pit in my stomach that justified my anger and hurt. I doubt any other grandchild would have been so ignored. If they don’t want to be part of his life, then I’m happy not to keep them informed. Relationships take effort, and my son is very much worth the effort. He is a bundle of pure love, silly energy, high intelligence, and love of life.

I sent the grandpa an email the evening of my precious one’s day of birth. It read ‘someone was very sad not to hear from his grandparents on his birthday.’ I do hope it makes them feel at least as bad as they have made us feel.


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